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Need Help Co-Parenting? There’s an App for That!

When families transition into two households after a separation, co-parenting can be a challenge. There are several online tools designed to help families work through some of the most common co-parenting challenges, such as: coordinating schedules; communication between parents; record-keeping; resolving disagreements; managing expenses; tracking parenting time; and tracking support payments Here are some options [...]

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Separation Considerations That Are Often Overlooked

When couples decide to separate, there are many things that may need to be sorted out and it can become overwhelming at times. We are mediators and we are here to help. Click here to book a free Zoom call with one of our experienced family law lawyer-mediators to learn more about us and the process of mediation. [...]

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10 Tips from a Lawyer/Mediator for Living Together While Separating

Sometimes couples continue to live together temporarily in the family home after they have decided to separate. As you can imagine, there are benefits and challenges to living together while separating. On the one hand, living together while separating can be less expensive than maintaining two homes. It also delays the need to make major [...]

5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Separation Using Mediation

Our clients often tell us they are looking for a process that will reduce the time and cost to negotiate their separation. Mediation is intended to provide a dispute resolution process that can cost couples less in time and money than traditional litigation-based processes. Click here to book a free Zoom call with one of [...]

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5 Reasons to Consider Mediating Your Separation

When couples decide to separate, many instinctively believe the first step is to retain a lawyer. Our clients often tell us they had no idea that the option to mediate their separation existed until they came across it online, or heard about it from a friend, family member, or colleague at work. For many, the [...]

Financial Implications of COVID-19 in Family Law – Part One

We are now a few months into the COVID-19-era and just over a month into the implementation of “stay home” protocols and the shutting down of “non-essential” businesses. The full scope of the financial consequences arising from these changes remains unknown. The corresponding impact on financial issues in family law cases is also unfolding before [...]

The New Tort of “Publicly Placing a Person in a False Light”

Breaking news! Justice Kristjanson recognized a new tort in Ontario law: the tort of “publicly placing a person in a false light” in the case of Yenokvian v. Gulian, 2019 ONSC 7279. The tort of “intrusion upon seclusion” has been part of Ontario law since 2012. The new tort of “publicly placing a person in a [...]

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COVID-19 Measures

Paul Family Law Professional Corporation will be following public health recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We have been working remotely beginning Tuesday, March 17, 2020. We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments to our protocol as needed. We are still here to help. Our general phone line (905) 845-4314 will [...]

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Reading List for Separating Parents

In this day and age, when a family is experiencing a separation, one of the first places looked to for information is the internet. Alas, you found this blog post with a reading list for separating parents. The ease with which information is now available to us via the great world wide web has positive [...]

Post-Separation Considerations That Go A Long Way

When couples decide to separate, there are many things that may need to be sorted out and it can become  overwhelming at times. Among other things, property needs to be divided, the children need to know what their new schedule will be, and support arrangements needs to be determined. All of this takes a lot [...]

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