cohabitation agreement

/cohabitation agreement

Should I Get A “Pre-Nup” – Part One

The two most common misconceptions we hear from clients on this topic are either:   That family law is the same whether you are married or common law partners; or   That there are no rights or obligations that arise from being common law unless you decide to get married.   As a result of these misconceptions, many [...]

Unmarried Couple With Separate Homes May Still Give Rise to Spousal Support

Many believe that spousal support only applies to married couples. In fact, common law spouses may be required to pay spousal support as well. When are common law partners considered “spouses”? Section 29 of the Family Law Act provides an expanded definition of “spouse” with respect to support obligations which includes either of two persons [...]

5 Reasons to Consider Mediating Your Separation

When couples decide to separate, many instinctively believe the first step is to retain a lawyer. Our clients often tell us they had no idea that the option to mediate their separation existed until they came across it online, or heard about it from a friend, family member, or colleague at work. For many, the [...]