We offer online mediation services to help clients solve family law disputes remotely.  With videoconferencing, you can mediate from the comfort of your home, with minimal technology.  A computer with a webcam and speaker or a smartphone is all that you need.

For clients who prefer, we can assist through email or telephone discussions rather than videoconferencing.

Through online mediation, we can help you move your discussions forward through the physical distancing of COVID-19, or if there are other reasons where physical meetings are not a good way to proceed.

Our services are flexible and we can address as few or as many issues as you wish to work through, and we can have shorter or longer sessions as needed.  Clients can be in a discussion together, or we can work alternately with each of you.  If lawyers are involved, they can be linked into the discussion.

Here is a video that we have prepared to give clients an idea of what to expect:

If you are interested in online mediation services, please contact us for more information.