When families transition into two households after a separation, co-parenting can be a challenge. There are several online tools designed to help families work through some of the most common co-parenting challenges, such as:

  • coordinating schedules;
  • communication between parents;
  • record-keeping;
  • resolving disagreements;
  • managing expenses;
  • tracking parenting time; and
  • tracking support payments

Here are some options that are available to parents for free:  

Appclose: This app totes itself to be the “#1 free Co-Parenting App”. It allows parents to manage a parenting calendar, communications, requests relating to parenting or support, expenses, and general family information about the children’s medical, education, childcare needs.


Cozi Family Organizer:   This is a free app that allows users to keep activities and appointments all in one place, create and share lists and chores, store recipes and add ingredients to your grocery list.


SplitWise:  The free version of this app focuses on the tracking, organizing, and sharing of joint expenses. SplitWise Pro is available at a cost and offers additional services such as receipt scanning and currency conversion.


Custody Connection: This free app is designed specifically to help families manage their parenting schedule from one central location. Parents can make requests to make changes to the parenting schedule within the app. The app will also track changes that have been approved or denied and update the parenting calendar to reflect the change. This app is free to download on iOS with upgrades available within the app.


FamCal: With this app, families can manage a shared calendar for important dates, events, tasks, and notes using a colour-coded system for each family member and their needs. The basic app is available for free on both Android and iOS with the option to upgrade for a fee.

Here are some options that are available for a fee:

Our Family Wizard: This app provides parents with a variety of tools that assist with scheduling, messaging, expense tracking, journaling, and notifications. This application requires a monthly or yearly subscription fee and offers a 30-day money back guarantee. It is the application that is most often ordered by the courts.


WeParent: The founder of this app used psychological research to design an app intended to reduce the stress of co-parenting. WeParent helps parents to manage events and appointments, documents, expenses, parenting schedules, and communication. WeParent offers a 14-day free trial that is followed by a monthly, annual, or life-time subscription fee to continue to use its service.


coParenter: This app is coined “the only coparenting app with live, on demand mediation”. It helps parents to communicate, manage and organize everyday co-parenting responsibilities. It also comes with a notable benefit: on-demand mediation services. If you and your spouse find you are at an impasse on a particular issue and it is time sensitive, this app can connect you to a mediator who can try and assist you in resolving the issue at hand. This application is available for a free 30-day trial after which you can choose to either pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee.


2Houses:  This app helps to facilitate communication and organization. It can also assist with expense management, sharing medical and school information, and tracking activities. There is a monthly subscription fee for the whole family to use this service.


coparently: This app helps to manage your parenting time, communicate with your co-parent, track shared expenses, and share photos and important information. You can try this app for free for 30 days and pay a monthly or annual subscription fee per parent if you wish to continue to use the app after the trial period.


Parentship: The focus of this app on help families manage their schedules with a customized dashboard to show upcoming events, reminders, profiles for each child, and a digital document centre for important documents such as the children’s birth certificates, health cards, and passports. You can also integrate your Google Calendar. You can try Parentship for free for the first month and pay a monthly or yearly subscription after that to continue to use the platform.


The use of a co-parenting tool or app can be a helpful addition to a parenting plan. We encourage you to consider your desired needs and budget when selecting the parenting app that will best suit your family as you move forward and tackle co-parenting together.

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